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Looney's 2026 Orange - NXT Meltdown Champions 2017

by Master Admin posted 06/19/2017
Looney's 2024 Green - Trilogy Gettysburg Champions 2017

by Master Admin posted 06/19/2017
Looney's 2024 Orange - NXT Meltdown Champions 2017

by Master Admin posted 06/19/2017
Looney's 2024 Orange - Trilogy Baltimore Champions 2017

by Master Admin posted 06/19/2017
Looney's 2021 Orange - Trilogy Baltimore Finalists 2017

by Master Admin posted 06/19/2017
Looney's 2023 Orange - Baltimore Trilogy Champions 2017

by Master Admin posted 06/19/2017
Looney's Try-Out Registration for the 2017/2018 Season

Try-out Registration is now Open for the 2017/2018 Season.

Looney’s Lacrosse Club will be holding open tryouts for the 2017 Fall/2018 Spring & Summer season on Sundays, August 13th & August 20th.  If there is a need for a 3rd try-out or a rain date, we will use August 27th.  Try-outs will be held at Loyola High School and Friends High School.  We will communicate exact times at a later date.  We will be holding try-outs for our 2019, 2020(our 2020 Orange Team at this grade will be by invitation only), 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027teams.  Our goal will be to field an Orange and Green team for each class. There will be a $50 try-out fee to help with field rental costs. The rain date is Sunday, August 27th.

Our goal will be to keep approximately 40 top players per graduating class as teams are formed based on high school graduating years (i.e., class of 2019). The placement of players to the Orange or the Green team will be based on player ability, skills, and overall lacrosse IQ.  If the try-out numbers are not as large for a specific age group, we may only field one team for that age. We typically do not allow players to play up or down a grade level. If your son is selected for one of our teams, he will receive a call/email by the following Wednesday, August 23rd.  We will ask for an initial non-refundable deposit to be made at that time to secure his spot on the team. Please do not try out for Looney’s Lacrosse Club unless you are fully committed to playing for our program, if you are offered a spot on one of our teams, we will be looking for immediate commitment.  Once we have received all of our commitments, the teams will be posted to this site. Players listed on the posted roster have made the team.  We hope to have the rosters finalized by Monday, August 28th.

To register, please visit us at www.looneyslacrosseclub.com and click on the button to the left at the top of the Vertical Tool Bar that says - 2017/2018 Try-out Registration.

Thank you,

Your Looney’s Lacrosse Board

Kevin Doyle, Bob Williams, Ryan Grimes, Sam Mintzer, Dan Radebaugh, Greg Vermuelen, John Kenney, Doug Lombardo and Bill Larney



Youth Level Coaches

Kevin Doyle, Bob Williams, Andy Hilgartner, Bob Wright, Acie Newton, Sebastian Price, Brendan Doyle, Alex Roesner, Cole Williams, Andrew Murrow, Ryan Conrad, Brady Domzalski, Ethan Mintzer, Michael Fanshaw, Brian Costabile, Brian Smith, Casey Larkin, Nick Goles, Dan Radebaugh, Bob Wright, Joe Stelmack, Liam Pearl, Mark Altemus, John Kenney, John Blatchley, Dom Zingo, Sandy Cook, Rob Finkel, Barker Harrison, Matt Hahn, Butch Marino, Chad Henry, Brian Hook, Jamie Fick, Eric Bach, Matt Haas, Jed Larkin, Justin George, Tim Carrigan, Aaron Stubbs  Tom Rush, Tim Gunning, Greg Gunning, Bruce Powell, Bill Griffin, Andy Dripps, Justin Bowman, TJ Shrager and Ryan Kelly.

High School Level & Position/Skill Coaches

 Joe Thompson, Blair Muneses, Booker Corrigan, John Busse, Eric Bach, Greg Vermuelen, Kevin Doyle, Patrick Fanshaw, Kyle Williams, Austin Stewart, Chad Williams, Trae Rogers, Taylor Marino, Drew Wardlow, Bob Wright, Ryan Grimes, Sam Mintzer, Dave Mintzer, Andrew Fanshaw, Chris McGovern, Matt Lewandowski, Brian Nicholas, Matt Bleach and Kevin O’Toole,

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Ryan McGuinniss 2020 Orange College Verbal Commit to Air Force

by posted 10/19/2016
2020 Orange College Verbal Commitments

by sam mintzer posted 09/26/2016
Looney's 2020 Orange NXT Philly Summer Invite Champions!

by posted 07/17/2016
2019 Orange Highlights

Ian Takas - 2019 Freestate Top 22
Ian Takas, Andrew Preston & Leighton Bechdel - Brine National 2019 Team Maryland nominee

by posted 07/06/2016
Looney's 2019 Orange Hogan Hershey JV-A Champs!

by posted 07/06/2016
NXT MVP Towson 2019 Allstar Team

Ian Takas, Keith Poyer & Ryan Vermeulen

by posted 07/06/2016
Looneys 2020 Orange - CrabFeast Champions!

Congratulations to Looney's 2020 Orange

Crab Feast Champions!

by posted 06/29/2016
Looney's 2020 Orange NSCLA Champions!

by posted 06/21/2016
Congrats to Gable Braun Looney's 2020 Verbal Commitment to U

by posted 06/21/2016
Congratulations to our 2020 Orange Team - Champions


Congratulations to Our 2020 Orange Looney's Team!

GHCLC Elite Division Champions!

by posted 05/21/2016
Looney's 2020 Brandywine Classic Champions!

by posted 10/26/2015
Looney's 2020 Green Indian Summer Champs!

by posted 10/19/2015
Looney's 2020 Orange FLG in 3D Champs!

Looney's 2020 Orange boys finished 32-1 and went undefeated in 5/6 tournaments for their summer season!!

by posted 07/20/2015
2020 Orange Young Guns Champs!

by posted 07/07/2015
Looney's 2016 Orange U17 Vail Champs!

by posted 06/22/2015
Looneys's 2020 Orange U13 Vail Champs!

by posted 06/22/2015
U15 Lax Splash Champs!

by posted 06/01/2015
Looney's 2020 Orange Famous Autumn Classic Champs!

Undefeated in 3 Fall Tournaments 14-0!

by posted 11/17/2014
2019 Orange - Brine National Recruiting Fall Ball Champs!

by posted 11/10/2014
2019 Looney's Green - Halloween Havoc U15 Orange Finalist

by posted 10/28/2014
2020 Orange Brandywine Champs!!

by posted 10/27/2014
2020 A Summer Slam Champions

Looney's 2020 Orange - Summer Slam 2020 A Champions

by SamMintzer posted 06/23/2014
Looneys 2021 Green Champs!

Looney's 2021 Green - Greater Howard “Club” Lacrosse Conference 2021 B Champions

by SamMintzer posted 05/19/2014
Looney's 2020 Orange Champs!

Looney's 2020 Orange - Greater Howard Club Lacrosse Conference 2020 A Champions

by SamMintzer posted 05/19/2014
Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Series Ryan Conrad Looney's 2015

Check out this spotlight on Ryan Conrad - Looney's 2015 that was aired during the UVA North Carolina Game!

Click the link below...


by Sam Mintzer posted 04/10/2014
Looney's 2019 Green - 2013 Fall Classic at Bullis Finalist

Looney's 2019 Green - 2013 Fall Classic at Bullis Finalist

by sammintzer posted 11/11/2013
Looney's 2020 Orange National Youth FallFest Champions

Looney's 2020 Orange National Youth !FallFest Champions

by sammintzer posted 11/04/2013
Looney's 2020 Orange Brandywine Classic Champions

Looney's 2020 Orange Brandywine Classic Champions!

by sammintzer posted 10/29/2013
2020 Orange Patriot Games Champion - U11 A

2020 Orange Patriot Games Champion - U11 A

by posted 07/25/2013
Greene Turtle U11A Champions

by posted 06/24/2013
2020 A MYLA Club Champs

Looney's 2020 Orange
Congrats to Looney's 2020 Orange for winning the 2020 A MYLA Club Championship!

by posted 05/22/2013
Looney's 2020 Orange
NPYLL FallFest U11 AA Champions!

Went 3-0 Green Turtle Fall Invitational U11!

posted 11/12/2012
Inside Lacrosse Magazine Photo Shoot

Founder and CEO of 3d Lacrosse, Jamie Munro, invited 5 Looney's players to appear in a photo shoot and instructional video for Inside Lacrosse Magazine.

Blake Gray, Jack Lombardo, Acie Newton, Hunter Smith, and Cole Williams spent the afternoon at Hopkins University, where Jamie taught them specific skills to be used for the video.  A two-page article featuring Munro's techniques will be in Inside Lacrosse magazine this summer.  The instructional video will be on their website. 

What a fun and terrific experience for our boys, and what great national exposure for Looney's Lacrosse Club!!

Check out these pictures from the photo shoot!
Blake Gray, Jack Lombardo, Hunter Smith, Acie Newton, and Cole WilliamsBlake Gray, defended by Hunter SmithJamie Munro teaching skills to Hunter SmithJack Lombardo, defended by Hunter SmithBlake Gray scores on goalie, Acie NewtonHunter Smith takes a shot on goalie Acie NewtonJamie Munro showing the boys techniqueShot on goal by Blake GrayShot on goal by Jack LombardoShot on goal by Cole WilliamsJamie Munro defended by Hunter SmithU15AA Assistant Coach Bob Williams, 3d Lacrosse COO Greg Waldbaum, and Looney's Lacrosse Founder & Co-Director Paul GrayCole Williams takes a shot on goal

posted 04/11/2012